Canada Dependent visa :

Sponsor spouse or Partner , dependent children

Sponsor parents or grandparents.

Dependent visa is resident / temporary visa granted to dependents of temporary / PR holder / Citizen hold to join his stay with sponsored.

It gives all legal rights to live , travel and work as per regulations of Canada.

Obligations and conditions :


For any spouse / children or parents to be eligible for a dependent visa, they must be able to prove biological or legal relation status.

Financial Aid / Sufficiency

Sponsor must be able to prove that your invited dependents are financially dependent on you and you hold the ability to meet their financial needs. In the case of other relations also, you are required to prove that the dependent is unable to financially support themselves and is directly dependent upon you.

Medical and Health Condition

To prove health conditions are fit as per the country norms, it is important that every of your dependent intending to accompany your stay must undergo medicals and obtain a medical certificate.

Condition of Character

The dependent must free from any criminal history. He/she must not be a threat to the inviting country. A PCC or Police clearance Is must for dependents submit it along with other supporting documents.

Condition of Commitment

Irrespective of whether you apply for a long-term dependent visa or a short-term dependent visa unless your dependents are not permanent residency, they must be committed to leaving the country before the expiry of their visa.