European Countries

We have Beautiful opportunity for the all the 10th and Intermediate Passed Students to get settled in Abroad (European Countries)

One of our associate partners is currently offering work permits for Hungary, CZECH Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Who are applying visa for Schengen countries, they have many advantages when they got Visa.

Schengen countries are 26, All these are visa free in one of the countries if you have a visa. you would like to know any more about Schengen please check here.

Required Documents:

  • What documents do you need to apply work for these countries?

  • - Fully scanned passport (all page’s colour scan)

  • Educational document (Degree (or) Intermediate)


When ireceived these scan copies, we will apply for work permit and we will get this 20 to 25 day. after that i will post to them hard copies (job contract and other documents) By using these copies, they have to apply appointment for documents submission(visa) For visa submitting they have to take INDIA police clearance certificate and they have to translate that country language. and insurance for 1 year and travel Itinerary. When they submit Application processing time nearly 60 to 80 days. Once they got visa, they have to inform company when they are travelling. Accommodation company will provide. Salary will be to at least 1000 euros (If they work overtime, they will get more) Like this they will work 5 years after that they will get Permanent Residence (they have to learn that country language)