Study in Latvia

Study in Latvia

Latvia is known as the land that sings, this country is a symphony of sounds, experiences and sights. Apart from this the Latvian Government has given special emphasis on education and has made many educational reforms. This quality of Latvia made it an ideal International destination. Engineering study in Latvia is very popular, also you may get it on affordable price. There is lots more reason which make it a perfect study destination. Where some major reasons are as follows

Major Points:

  IELTS not required.

  Gap Acceptable.

  Study Duration- 2 years.

  Schengen Country.

  Four intakes- Sept, Nov, Feb, April.

 Fee to pay before visa.

  College will take interview for case confirmation.

About Latvia:

A country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, that is the second greenest country in the world (following Yale and Columbia universities’ research (EPI index ).

Official name             :     Republic of Latvia.

Capital                       :     Riga.


Monetary unit: Euro (1EUR = 100cents). Most of the shops, restaurants and hotels accept credit and debit cards. ATMs are common in Latvia and are available 24/7. Banks are open on working days from 9:00 to 17:00

Living Expenses:

Living Expenses may vary according to your personal requirements and general standards of living, but in general you need to consider with average monthly costs of 400,00EUR, that includes

Accommodation     :     70.00 – 129,00EUR (LLU accommodation)

Food                         :     200,00EUR

Leisure/other           :     80,00EUR


Latvia is located in the temperate climate zone and thus there are four clear weather here. The average temperature lasts around 20 degrees during the summer, but sometimes it will increase to 30 degrees Celsius.

Be prepared for some chilly days in Winter. During the winter the temperature holds around 0C-5C degrees, but at the same time can fall down till -20C. Winter boots and winter jacket are must and will allow you to enjoy this season. So, the weather conditions will alsodon’t interrupt your decision of Study in Latvia.



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