Study in Malta

Study in Malta

Malta officially the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta Malta), is a densely populated developed europe an country in the europe an Union.

Throughout its history, Malta location in the Mediterranean Sea has given it a strategic importance. It is a member of the United Nations (since 1964) and a member of the europe an Union (since 2004). Malta is also party to the Schengen Agreement (since 2007) and member of the eurozone (since 2008).

People and Culture

Throughout Malta long and chequered history, the people in Malta came into contact with the many countries that dominated the Mediterranean. The relationships with people of many different cultures made the Maltese amongst the most cosmopolitan people in the world.

Climate in Malta

The climate in Malta is warm and healthy. The average temperature in Winter (November till April) is 14°C and that in Summer (May till October) is 23°C. In Winter the Sun shines for an average of 7 hours and around 10 hours in Summer.


The population of Malta was estimated at 403,532 in 2008.


English and Maltese are both official languages.



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